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    Tri-Edge Bolt Cutter

    by Graham Evans – Arizona Tool Expert

    The new BN Products Bolt Cutter unlike similar tools of this kind has three durable cutting edges instead of just one that eventually wears out over a short period of time. The blades on this new model bolt cutter are made of special hardened alloy tool steel for a long lasting and more durable life.  Along with having three durable edges, it comes with handles and grips that are designed for better mechanical leverage and control.  This one-of-a-kind tool comes in three different models, 24”, 30”, and 36”.

    The smallest , 24” is used for cutting soft steel and non-ferrous metals such as bolts, screws, rivets, rod ,chain and wire. The 30” is designed more for Iron and steel bolts, screws and chains. Finally the 36” is designed for stainless wire, heat treated rod, and grade 60 reinforcing rod. Another innovative aspect of the bolt cutter is that each blade on the bolt cutter fits in to each model so there is no need for buying different size blades for each tool.
    Triple edge bolt cutter
    The triple edge bolt cutter is newest state of the art cutter on the market. After being thoroughly tested it showed that even after 1000 cuts of 3/8” rebar the blade had no signs of damage, it was still in perfect condition. 
    We also tested it on ½” rebar and did 20 cuts, still no fracture or sign of any damage to the blade. The blades are made of carbide hardened steel, which is used for building and shaping tools, so you know that it is tough and durable material. What is unique about our tool compared to our competitors is that our tool has three durable blades that are very easy to adjust and change.
    Most of the bolt cutters you use now have just one blade and show wear and tear after 200 cuts, after that happens you will need to replace the entire head of your cutter. But with ours all you need to do is loosen the bolts at the top and rotate the blade and tighten the bolts. It’s as easy as 1, 2, and 3. Along with having three durable blades, it has a built in adjustment that can fine tune the blade clearance, it can separate more or draw closer depending on what you need to cut.
    Another great factor of our product is everything is bolted together so instead of having to replace the entire thing you only have to replace parts, its saves you money and time.  Along with all of that our jaws open much wider than our competitors so you can cut larger items with no problem.
    Cutting a 3/8” piece of rebar with no problem.

    We took out the blade to show you all three sides and how easy it is to remove and change. 

    Cutting through a Pad Lock made of hardened steel. It cut through like butter.

    Parts that go in to our bolt cutter. As you can see ever thing is bolted together so it is easy to maintain and clean as well as take apart. The bolt cutter is very easy to fix because it is not welded together like similar single edge bolt cutters. 

    Product No. Notes:



    BNBC-24  24” Bolt Cutter Triple edge Cutting Blade Capacity: 5/16” (8mm)



    BNBC-30 30”  Bolt Cutter  Triple edge Cutting Blade Capacity: 3/8” (9.5mm)



    BNBC-36  36” Bolt Cutter Triple edge Cutting Blade Capacity: 7/16” (11mm)



    RB-BNBC Replacement Blade Set (Two blocks)



    **Prepaid freight is offered on orders of six (6) or more tools.