BN1100C-E Single Family Residence Service Box



  • BN1100C-E Low Voltage Service Box
  • Exterior Semi-Recessed
  • 14-3/4″ Wide x 11″ Tall x 5-1/2″ Deep
  • Weight – 6 lbs. 

This enclosure is made of 20-gauge, zinc-coated steel with a powder-coated tan finish. It also comes complete with a fully removable lid that is fastened with 2 zinc-coated Phillips sheet-metal screws. The interior of this enclosure is open at the top and bottom for easy access to structure pre-wire requirements. The 1/2″ plywood backboard makes for easy mounting of utility equipment. This service box is nailed or screwed through the pre-drilled mounting flange to the surface of standard 16″ on center stud prior to the application of stucco or siding. The cover is secured with a slotted screw. This product is specifically designed as a demarcation point for telephone or cable television. It is available with the following embossed lids:

BN1100C-E – “Communication” embossed lid
BN1100C-E-TV – “TV” embossed lid
Replacement lids are also available from Benner-Nawman, Inc.
This enclosure is UL-Listed (UL1863), designed to NEMA 3R specifications.
Also see our fully enclosed BN1100W-UL

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