BN14304F - Flat 28" Structured Wiring Cabinet (WiFi Transparent)



  • The BN14304F-MMH Flat (folding) structured media enclosure ships flat!
    • Flat, lightweight design saves transportation costs and storage space
    • Easy to carry, assemble, and install
  • Structured Wiring Cabinet (Wiring, Indoor) - WiFi transparent
  • 14" Wide x 28" Tall x 4" Deep
  • Features Top and Bottom Knockouts and Universal mounting pattern
    • Includes (5) 2" knockouts on top and (2) 1.3" knockouts and (2) AC knockouts on bottom.  The the AC knockouts may be optionally used as additional 1.3" knockouts if not used for AC hardware.
  • Durable Polypropylene box with ABS frame and hinged lid
  • Shipping Weight - 6.8 lbs.
  • Patent Pending

PDF Download:  14304F-MMH "Flat" Structured Wiring Cabinet

This unique and revolutionary enclosure ships as a flattened box, made of heavy duty polypropylene (PP) resin for maximum strength and flexibility.  The body assembles easily using flexible hinges to fold the box into shape, with locking insertion tabs used to secure the sides of the box.  The tabs extend outward as mounts for attaching to 16" center studs during installation.  The interior back features a universal mounting pattern that accepts most communication modules.

The ventilated, hinged lid and frame (included, preassembled) are made from non-conductive ABS plastic, allowing the enclosure to be WiFi transparent when used for housing network hardware.  The frame and lid with dual latches are intended to be flush-mounted after drywall installation.

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