UP-B76 – The Original Banana Cutter™


The Original Banana Cutter™ Cuts 3/4″ CATV Coaxial Cable

The UP-B76 has four razor-sharp cutting edges and will cut up to .750″ (3/4″) diameter aluminum and copper coaxial cable. This is the ideal hand tool for CATV and telecommunications specialists. Made from heavy-duty drop forged tool steel it is specially heat-treated for long life. The patented precision ground curved cutting blades work almost like a tube cutter.

Move the tool back and forth on the cable and the specially designed blades will cut through the outer jacket, conductor, and inner dielectric insulator until you to get to the inner conductor – then simply snap it off. The banana cutter got its name from the distinctly colored yellow plastic dipped cushioned handles. Overall length 8¼ inches. This tool is not designed for cutting steel or ACSR. This tool can be purchased from CATV and Communication Supply houses.

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