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    Benner-Nawman, Inc. is a Master Distributor of
    Specialty Hand Tools and Low Voltage Service Boxes
    and Enclosures sold through major electrical
    and telecommunication distributors
    throughout the United States


    Tri-Blade Bolt Cutter

    Benner-Nawman introduces a new design for an old fashion tool that many of us still use today. Typically, the standard bolt cutter offered by several manufacturers around the world has remained the same for well over 50 years. High-leverage handles that deliver maximum manual power through a compound action mechanism to a pair of tool steel cutting blades. The problem is when you damage the blades you throw away the tool.  Benner-Nawman has solved this problem by designing a tool with replaceable cutting blocks. For more information on this amazing tool: BNBC Bolt Cutters

    UP-B41 Clean CutterThe Banana Cutter (UP-B76) by BN

    Cable Cutter (UP-B95)

    UP-B60 Speed Driver      UP-B48 Tying Tool

    UP-B606 Splicer’s Kit      UP-B606-SO Scissors

    The Right Tool For The Right Job

    Specialty Hand Tools For the Professional Craftsman
    In 1973 Bernie Byberg was an engineer for The Pacific Telephone Company in Southern California. He needed a small hand tool in his tool pouch for cutting 25 and 50-pair communication cable to replace the large long handle bolt cutters used at the time. He wanted something that could easily fit into a lineman tool belt.

    In his home workshop, he developed a small cutter that had an offset bite and would actually pull the cable into the cutting fulcrum, eliminating compression and frayed ends. A perfect tool for use on multi-stranded cable. With the help of Roy Latten (an executive from General Telephone) and through trial and error the 41st sample had just the right blade design and the two were awarded a patent for this specialty hand tool.

    A year or two later Benner-Nawman, Inc. bought the patent for the UPB-41 Clean Cutter and Bernie came to work for the company as a designer of specialty hand tools used by communication specialists, CATV and electrical craftsmen around the world. The tool line he developed included the UP-B76 Banana Cutter used for cutting coaxial cable and the UP-B36 Cable Slitter used on arial and buried drop lines.

    Wiring A Smart Building

    Low Voltage Pre-Wire Boxes and Enclosures

    Today, our homes are more than just a place to eat and sleep. Our homes have become our office and entertainment centers.  Information is the key element of each of our lives. Instant information allows us to be just as effective at home as at our work location.

    The cost of a new home today has grown to six and seven digit numbers. However, when it comes to providing communication, security and broadband service to our home, our efforts are oftentimes an afterthought that could use a little more pre-planning. Proper infrastructure ensures safe and reliable service whenever it is needed.

    The service provider’s equipment generally terminates on the outside of your home or business. The outside wall is generally the demarcation point of what the homeowner owns and what the service provider provides. On the inside of the building, there are often structure wiring cabinets that are designed to bring together the wiring and wireless interface equipment.

    Benner-Nawman has engineered a variety of termination boxes, enclosures and cabinets which provide the demarcation point for the provider and a safe and protected connection to the home or business owner. In addition to the outside cabinets and enclosures, Benner-Nawman Inc. also offers a wide variety of interior cabinets for mounting low voltage and Wi-Fi equipment. These products are available from your local electrical or communication supply distributor.



    BN900 Low Voltage BoxBN1020 Voltage Service Box
    BN900      BN1020


    BN48489W-UL Low Voltage Enclosure


    BN14104-MM Low Voltage EnclosureBN14104-MMH Low Voltage Enclosure

    BN14144-MMBN14144-MMH Low Voltage Enclosure

    BN14284-MM Low Voltage EnclosureBN14284-MMH Low Voltage Enclosure

    BN14424-MM Low Voltage EnclosureBN14424-MMH Low Voltage Enclosure

    BN14184W-IDW Low Voltage EnclosureBN14244W-IDW Low Voltage Enclosure

    BN14324W-IDW Low Voltage EnclosureBN14155W-UL Low Voltage Enclosure

    BN14244W-SM Low Voltage EnclosureBN14324W-SM Low Voltage Enclsoure

    BN14326W-SM Low Voltage EnclosureBN24268W-UL Low Voltage Enclosure

    BN30368W-UL Low Voltage EnclosureBN30369W-UL Low Voltage Enclosure

    BN36368W-UL Low Voltage EnclosureBN36369W-UL Low Voltage Enclosure

    BN363612W-UL Low Voltage EnclosureBN38369WS-UL Low Voltage Enclosure