UP-B41 – The Original Clean Cutter


Cuts Copper or Aluminum Multi-Strand Cable

This is a terrific cutter for multi-stranded copper, aluminum and other types of non-ferrous material including communication cable. It is a standard tool with most major telephone companies, cable TV installers, electrical contractors, motor assembly companies, and anyone who needs to cut wire and cables. It has a patented offset bite which eliminates compression and frayed ends. The blades actually pulls the cable into the fulcrum to cleanly shear the material from both sides. The UP-B41 can easily cut 50-pair communication cable, 2/0 aluminum cable, battery cable, wiring for motor assembly, and #2 copper cable.

This tool is lightweight and compact (only 8″ long), and it will fit conveniently in your tool pouch or belt. Look for the orange handles. This tool is not designed for cutting steel or ACSR materials. The UP-B41 is the ideal tool for communications and electrical industry applications and can be ordered through major communication and electrical supply houses everywhere. Another great tool from Benner-Nawman, Inc.

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